Friday, October 28, 2011

di Tagged :)


hye world. act, dah 2 orang hamba Allah tag aku benda niee. dah lama jugak lah aku tak buat benda alah ni. eh, tak nak lah lengah-lengah lagi.. let's start the game!

The rules ;)
-You must post this rules 
-Each person must post 11 thing about themselves in their journal
-Answer the question the tagger set for you in their post.And create 11 new questions for the people you tagged to answer .
-You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them to the post.
-Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her.
-No tag backs.
-No stuff in the tagging section about 'You are tagged if you're reading this' you legitimately(a.k.a really, trust, with all honesty) have to tag 11 people .

11 things about me :)

# known as Trah Rahim 
# going to be sweet 16 next year
# single, but not searching. Allah represent me 
# i'm pretty sure that i'm a friendly person ;)
# be nice with me and i'll be nice with you
# i love my mum, my dad, my siblings and my friends 
# i do love dreaming ^_^
# i wanna be a lawyer 
# ouh, i love PURPLE !
# music lover? yes, it's me
#  i'm just beautiful me. hate me? it's up to you :)

question from adik zatiee

- How many time you sign in your blogger in a day?
# erm, at least 1 times a day. 
- What is your favourite food?
# asam pedas and masak lemak cili api 
- Boyfriend or Bestfriend? Why?
# bestfriend of cause. bestfriend will there beside you in a good and bad times :)
- Who I am to you? 
# my junior at school. and a sweet little friend *toink.
What is the most valuable gift you ever could?
# birthday presents from my friends on my 15th birthday 
- Your 'bitter'guard memories? :D
# lost my grandmum ang grandad ;'(
- What you like about me? 
# you're a kind and pretty girl. you know?
- What you hate about me?
# you're cute! HAHHAHA
- What is your unforgettable memories with your beloved lover?
# beloved lover? ohmaiiigayyyy. can i escape from this question? ok, gedik. riding a rollercoster together 0.0
- What is the most thing you want in your life ?
# be a lawyer and take my parent to perform their haji 
- Did your dream come true?
# maybe.
- Which social web you spend the most?why? why? why?
# facebook for sureeeeeee. why? oh, don't ask me that question because i don't know why. hikhik

question from kakk lieyaa

1. Have you take a bath?
# nope. hehehe
2. What is the brand of your laptop or computer that you're using just now?
# pink ASUS
3. Who do you love more? Friends or cousins? Why?
# friends maybe. because they spend more time with me than my cousin. but i still love my cousins.
4. Single or taken?
single, mingle, pringleee *toink.
5. Which one is the best, Facebook or Blogger? Why?
# oh, can i answer both of them? hikhik. don't ask me why cause i don't know why.
6. Which one are you closed to? Parents or siblings? Why?
# both! because they are my heartbeat <3
7. Who I am to you?
# a senior at my school but not even like a senior. hoho
8. What is your favorite stuff?
# my purple slipper :)
9. Which one would you choose? McDonald or Pizza Hut?
# McDonald
10. Who do you admire?
# my mum <3
11. Boyfriend or bestfriend? Why?
# bestfriend of cause. bestfriend are God’s way of taking care of us..

11 question from me..
~ your full name please..
~ when you start blogging?
~ what is the best thing that you ever had?
~ do you love to be my friend?
~ do you happy with your life? why?
~ when was the last time you cry? why?
~ what do you think about me?
~ what is the most precious moment that you ever had?
~ nasi lemak or steak? why?
~ name(s) of your bestfriend(s)
~ single or taken?

so, good luckkkkkkkkkkk. #sekarang memang trend tulis huruf panjang-2 ke hape =='


cibun punya cimok,

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